Two things about me will give context to the newsletter. One, I am interested in many subjects and have worked in various capacities across sectors and industries. There’s a word for this sort of person, polymath. Two, I am what you might refer to as multicultural; born to parents from different ethnicities and raised in other countries. There’s a term in sociology for that: third culture kids (though my kid days are over). 

I write about my experiences navigating work, society, and identity from a female perspective. The topics range from thoughts on leadership and organisational change to personal anecdotes and travelogues. 

Is that a typo?

Originelly is a play on my name + the word origin. I have a thing for puns and language play. 

What’s with the olive branch?

Olive trees hold a special place in my heart. I grew up with the strong smell of olive oil in the kitchen, olive soap where it belongs, olives on tables, and branches hung on the door. I can trace my lineages through their stalks, extending across multiple countries and continents. These beautiful peace symbols are resilient, easy to transplant, need little to thrive, and yield heaps of fruit. When I think of the olive trees planted over 1500 years ago that still stand today, I feel grounded and connected to everything that passed before me.

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A mix of professional and personal pieces on social narratives, organisational change, leadership, travel, and Henry, the chatty dog.